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Firelight: Smoke and true stories on 15 September


You know those people who have fascinating stories to tell? Of adventures they’ve been on, ideas they’ve had or experiences you just can’t imagine? Well what about gathering a handful of those humans together, throwing some logs on a fire and letting the smoke billow as they tell all.

Sound enticing? We thought so, which is why we created Firelight, an evening of kindling and true tales.

What’s in store?

This isn’t about career chronologies or business talks. Instead you’ll hear from storytellers who are thinking beyond the day job, sharing insights on the blur between life and work – and everything in between.

We’ll be announcing storytellers one by one in the run up to the event. First up is film-maker Liam Martin.


Liam ‘unconsciously changed his life’ by quitting his  job, buying a pizza delivery moped and driving all the way to a Greek island, just for the heck of it. He’ll be telling the story of why having no ambition, no money and no idea accidentally taught him how to live. Now that’s something we can get on board with.

Alongside some inspiring tales, there’ll be music, beer and marshmallows on sticks all round.

Join us around the fire

So bring your blankets, cushions and eager ears. The first Firelight kicks off on 15 September from 7.30pm at the Beeloud Glade in Mabe Burnthouse.

Firelight is free, but so we know how many mallows to buy, head to Eventbrite to book your tickets. And stay tuned here, or on Facebook and Twitter, for more details on the line-up.


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