Three is the magic number…

Nominated for three of our projects  - why thank you Media Innovation Awards...

By: Clare Howdle,   1 minute


Well would you look at that. Stranger Collective has been nominated in three categories at the Media Innovation Awards (MIAs) 2013. And we only entered one.

How did this happen, we hear your ask. Well….

This time last year we were battling the boring and standing up against the staid, in our month-long content campaign to Fight Word Poverty. Since then, every month has been coloured with happy memories of 31 days spent casting creative crumbs out there to inspire, stimulate and provoke. So when we noticed the Media Innovation Network was on the hunt for innovative multi-platform marketing campaigns to enter this year’s Media Innovation Awards, the lightbulb fizzed. We entered Fight Word Poverty as a micro budget project with a big impact and crossed our fingers.

Life carried on as normal. Until an email pinged into our inboxes from the team at MIA suggesting we consider entering the Best New Talent category too. We looked up the criteria. Businesses that are built on innovative foundations? With Feeding at our core and a commitment to nurturing creativity driving everything we do, we felt compelled to enter.

Back to the finger crossing and client work. Then last week we got the news. We’d been shortlisted for best marketing campaign. We’d been shortlisted for best new talent. And unbeknown to us we’d also been entered by the judges, then shortlisted, for Creative Craft – a new category that recognises excellence in creativity across all sorts of disciplines.

Great news. Three nominations for our work and our approach. It feels like a hearty pat on the back for the team. And everyone loves a pat on the back.

So we’ll keep thinking, writing, creating and Feeding until 21 November comes around. When our fingers will be crossed again, this time at the Awards Ceremony. Toes too.

We’ll keep you posted…


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