A Feeding frenzy


As you may have gleaned, Feeding is quite important to us here. We’ve seen the benefits of a good Feed time and again, so it’s fair to say we’re huge fans. And now we want to spread the word (quite literally).

Cue the Feed publication.

We’re embarking on producing a piece of material that shows exactly what Feeding is made of, sharing the essence of our mind-expanding, idea-sharpening and creativity-inducing process with the masses.

But we didn’t want to go it alone. Since we were wowed us by the Graduate Summer shows at Falmouth University a couple of months ago, we thought this might be a good opportunity to get some fresh blood on board, collaborating with talented design graduates to help bring our fledgling idea to life.

So we set about pulling a team together, under the expert guidance of lecturer and designer Dion Star. Two talents came to the fore, and before long Josie Evans and Paul Ransom  were on board. The next job was to pin down the concept. Time for an intensive three day devising period together to get things straight.


Throughout each day, the walls rustled with the sound of paper and the air fizzed with thinking as – fuelled by tea and ginger nuts – our brains ticked over and we steadily refined our ideas.

As a relative newbie to the Stranger Collective team, I haven’t worked directly with designers in this way before. It was a liberating, exciting insight into the power of the concept creation process.


Approaching things from a content point of view, while Paul, Josie and Dion poured their visual thinking into the mix, I could see just how important this process is when trying to tease the best out of an idea, from the get go.  Our final concept routes felt whole, cohesive and far easier to envisage.


At the end of the final day, our creative team presented its ideas back to the rest of Stranger Collective (with Clare taking off her creative hat and putting on her seldom-worn client one). It was great to hear our ideas rationalised and pitted against one another: pitched to the ‘client’ in true Mad Men style – pressure, decisions and all. Though without the  excessive drinking, sexism and cigarette smoke. Or Pete Campbell’s ill-placed quips. Oh, Pete.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news on our Feed publication soon…

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