The Team

At the heart of Stranger Collective beats a pulse of talents, specialisms and experience. We call it our core team.

We’re small and we like it that way. But many of our projects require more muscle power, hands and ideas. That’s where our talent pool comes in.

From Cornwall to London, Brighton to Bristol and beyond, we cherry-pick the best team for each individual project, making sure we have the very best minds, experience and skills for the task in hand.

From on-the-ground insiders who know a place inside-out to savvy specialists who have expert insight into a specific sector, creative and strategic thinkers who know what it takes to stand out, or experienced educationalists who help us plan bespoke training packages –our specialist talent brings extra value and insight in spades. Want to join us? We fish for Talent Pool applicants once every few months. So keep your eyes peeled on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn for our hook.

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