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Workshops and training days

Our hands-on workshops shake up training as you know it. Insightful, impactful and invigorating, we combine top-level academic expertise with business acumen, fresh approaches to branding and an irrepressible sense of curiosity to give you more from a day away from the office. No stuffy rooms, clock-watching or PowerPoint comas here.

Our bestselling Dynamic Digital Writing courses have sold out every time, bringing together people from marketing to start-ups and designer-makers, to learn how to write with more impact and purpose across their digital platforms and social channels.


We’ve also run more focused sessions, including:

Finding the right tone of voice for your brand: helping you develop your verbal identity and think about how that can play out across all your communications.

Taking a fresh approach to content strategy: using tried and tested techniques distilled from independent publishing, creative branding and communications, to help you blend a perfect mix of content to leave your audiences thirsty for more.

Pinning down the essence of your start-up brand: to help reach investors, partners and audiences. From pitching to publishing, this two day course helps you find your unique story, tell it well and craft a brand manifesto that’ll get you heard amid the noise of big brand voices.

“ "Thank you [...] for the most simple and impactful workshop on storytelling with tips for writing I will carry forever!" ”

Sasha Kazantseva, Entrepreneur and The Happy Startup Summercamp attendee

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