Case Study

Bespoke Training: Timebased

Planning, running, follow-up consultancy

Events company Timebased wanted to train its team members to master its tone of voice, feel confident writing across multiple platforms and rediscover their creativity when it came to their words. With a relentless, deadline driven schedule, endless proposals that needed writing and a multitude of different platforms to keep up to date, Timebased was really aware its words were letting the side down a little.

We’d already completed a successful tone of voice process and arrived at a brand character that had senior leaders invigorated about the future of Timebased’s written communications. The next step was to ensure everyone in their team felt invigorated too, equipped with the tools and self belief to write, efficiently, effectively and on message, every time.

Working closely with the brand director we planned a bespoke training day that would do just that. From reconnecting attendees with the art of storytelling, to breaking down Timebased’s brand character in clear tangible ways, we designed a programme that was both aspirational and practical – with thinking points to inspire attendees to write and tips and techniques to show them how.

We organised unique, interactive exercises, group work and feedback sessions to keep the day dynamic and pacey, then set up focused ‘cut-off’ time for everyone to put what they’d learnt into action.

As part of the programme we also offered remote follow-ups: one-on-one consultancy on the first piece of writing each attendee tackled post training. This helped them maintain momentum, tackle any hurdles they came up against and boosted confidence so they stayed on track.

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