Case Study

Tom Raffield

Tone of voice, website content, training

Following significant growth, Tom Raffield wanted a tone of voice to reflect its standing at the forefront of contemporary furniture and lighting design.

We needed to create a way with words that felt authentic to the brand and its roots, while also connecting with its customers. And we needed to generate a ownership and enthusiasm for that way with words across the company, so everyone could get fired up about writing the Tom Raffield way.

Through in-depth interviews, information gathering sessions and workshops we teased out the key elements that make Tom Raffield unique then designed a set of characteristics around them, with corresponding techniques so they could be carried through the words the brand used on every platform. We crafted exemplar copy to demonstrate the tone of voice in action and created templates for the team to follow when writing everything from product descriptions to headlines.

Finally, we wrote flagship pages for the website then ran a full, bespoke training session to help the team connect with the Tom Raffield tone of voice, troubleshoot any challenges and get everyone excited about writing again.

“ Just wanted to say a quick thank you, for our tone of voice. It’s incredibly forward, clear and confident. I have every confidence that we’ll reap the rewards from this. ”

Danielle Raffield, cofounder, Tom Raffield

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