Case Study

Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT)

Concept, creative content, installation production

Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT) needed a campaign to get people talking, sharing and thinking differently about the Tamar river.

Our goal was to help people appreciate the value of the river from an ecological, sociological and recreational standpoint – as well as reaching out to businesses in the area by encouraging them to get involved.

Drawing together a specialist creative team, the ‘My Tamar’ campaign was a bold, creative concept that put people’s relationship with the river at the heart of the activity. Whether they were walking the riverbanks, catching the ferry to work, or simply brushing their teeth in the morning, the campaign called on the public to share what the river meant to them.

Using a core motif, the TaMARK, the campaign united everyone through their relationship with the river, which played out across posters, visuals and photo competitions, as well as a roadshow that spread the word and allowed people to creatively interact with the WRT team.

These were then pulled together into a short film, which premiered at the campaign’s Tamar Festival event on Cotehele Quay.

Met with a wealth of positive feedback from the public, both face-to-face and through social media, the My Tamar campaign smashed its targets:

  • The WRT team also found themselves on the radar of leading figures in environmental agencies such as DEFRA
  • Public engagement beat targets by 200%
  • Business engagement went even further than hoped for, with over 250 interactions with companies
  • The WRT team also found themselves on the radar of leading figures in environmental agencies such as DEFRA, who were impressed that the team was willing to try something entirely new – making a mark on the future of the Tamar.

Following the project we worked again with WRT in 2017 on an interactive exhibition to increase engagement with and river, which involved concept development, storyboard, content creation, project management and production.

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