Content Catches

Content catches chosen by our work experience wonder, Lucy Hancock.

By: Phyllida Bluemel,   1 minute

This month we were joined Lucy Hancock, here on work experience from Penryn college. In between knuckling down to research for Kodak, writing articles for the website, and helping us to brainstorm a new project, she found time to guest edit this month’s content catches. Here’re the gems she’d recommend:


The sun and her flowers – Rupi Kaur

Usually I find poems quite dreary, but this book really opened my eyes to modern day poetry. It is filled with heart-felt stories of all lengths and emotions, while still keeping to the theme of growth and healing. Overall a great sequel to her first poetry novel Milk and Honey.



Overlooked Obituaries

This article really opened my eyes to different women and their massive influence on smaller sections of society. It looks at women in history and what they managed to achieve without being recognised for it at the time. Who knew you could win an Olympic sport without even knowing you’re competing?



Beats, Rhythm and Life, The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest

As a massive 80’s hip-hop fan, I stumbled across this and had to watch it. This documentary tells the tale of this legendary group and everything they went though together. Includes the likes of De La Soul and The Beastie boys, so overall I would say this is a must-watch for any hip-hop enthusiasts.

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