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Content Catches: April

We’re a thirsty bunch at Stranger. Our bookmarks bar is bulging, and our Slack group is always sounding out with inspiring things the team has found to watch, listen and read. Here’s a round-up of the best content we’ve been consuming recently, enjoy!

Helen’s content catch: The Shape of Clouds 

“A story that automatically adapts to readers’ conditions – my favourite experimental publishing house Visual Editions worked with Mercedes-Benz and Google to commission bestselling Italian author Gianrico Carafiglio to write ‘an adventure-laden, surprising road trip story that puts readers firmly in the driving seat’, where the environment literally adapts to the readers’ surroundings, time and place. Crazy seeing the A30 and Leigh Delamore petrol station appear in an Italian road trip novel!”

Nicola’s content catch: Homecoming 

“A psychological thriller podcast series, Homecoming had me hooked in the first 30 seconds and kept me guessing right up to the end. It’s got an all-star cast (including Catherine Keener and David Schwimmer), and while the production values are much higher than you’d normally expect from a podcast, it’s the storyline that really leaves you in awe.”

Phylly’s content catch: Postcards from the Past

“This is my favourite Twitter account; old postcards with a tiny fragment of what’s written on them, taken out of context. It manages to be beautiful and funny.”

Clare’s content catch: No Plan, The Musical Slave 

“A song about a horse yard in Dublin. It’s beautiful.”

Carly’s content catch: Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myself – a TED talk from actress Thandie Newton

“I was halfway through writing a blog post on long-term travel and its effect on our lives, when I found this talk. It reflected some of the themes that I had been trying to articulate in my article. Although there’s an occasional tone of ‘therapist speak’, I really like the concept of embracing otherness and I think that it’s something we could all do a little more of.”


Amie’s content catch: BBC news story about the ‘Grammar Banksy’

“Idols. Some people have Bowie. Some people have Warhol. Some people have Shakespeare. Me? Well, ‘The Banksy of Punctuation’ has just jumped to the top of my list. He’s been fixing rogue apostrophes across Bristol for 13 years, with his homemade and self-named ‘apostrophiser’. Legend.”

Lotte’s content catch: Death, Sex & Money

“This podcast tells real-life stories about three very incredibly important issues, that in daily life we don’t talk about enough. Also, it’s the perfect length to listen to in the bath.”


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