Content catches: June 2017

Eye-catching and interest-piquing content recommendations from the League of Strangers...

By: Amie Knights,   1 minute

From desk-side concerts to the power of political puns, check out the pieces that have caught our eyes and piqued our interests this month…

Amie: Tiny Desk Concert

“I’ve been experiencing a bit of a new music drought of late. And my work-time soundscape has been suffering as a result. But after an evening wrapping my ears around the musical offerings of NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts, my Spotify playlist is bursting at its seams. I implore you to peruse the sessions. Here’s a particular (slightly off the wall) favourite…”


Clare: Scene Stealers, Creative Review


“While hunting for a podcast I heard the other day, about set artists that used to work on films, painting scenes before CGI took over (think the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, for example), I stumbled across this: dual exhibitions of the beautiful work of background artists in animation. Such craft that so often goes unnoticed and truly deserves to be celebrated.”

Helen: “Make June the the end of May”

“This caught my eye (my friends Kathryn and Viv rustled it up one lunchtime). Whatever your politics and whatever happens this week, this simple wordplay reminded me of the power, inventiveness and punny-ness of political slogans/ protest across time. Words – the toolbox we use at work every day – have shaped history, geography, life and death over the millennia. (OK. Sermon over. I bet everyone else’s catches are funnier but I couldn’t help myself!)”

Katie: Riposte Magazine  

“Billed as ‘A Smart Magazine for Women’, Riposte Magazine is actually a magazine about smart women that everyone should read. Issue 08 includes stories about Iranian-born architect Farshid Moussavi, who says that the lack of female role models in architecture makes female architects “uniquely flexible”; Ericka Hart – a gay black woman going topless in order to disrupt narrow views about what a breast cancer survivor looks like; and Shabana Kausar’s take on Islam and feminism, which she argues are far from the mutually exclusive concepts the Western world perceives. A must-read – I’ll leave a copy in the kitchen.”

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