Content Catches: November 2017

From an exhibition of objects that make you itch with uneasiness, to an article that eloquently tackles one of today's toughest issues, discover the content that's recently caught our eye...

By: Amie Knights,   1 minute

Amie: Uncomfortable 

“A fork with a chain for a handle. A concrete umbrella. An inflatable doorknob. I don’t know about you but these products make my knees twitch, in a bad way…”

Amie: Literary Review’s 2017 Bad Sex in Fiction prize shortlist

“I’m the kind of person that hides behind a pillow at the slightest whiff of cringe on the telly. So I surprised myself when I purposefully clicked on this story. From the overly romanticised to the anatomically incorrect, check out a cluster of the most cringe inducing sex scenes from the literary world…”

Phylly: ‘What do we do with the Art of Monstrous Men?’

“This is an artfully crafted personal essay that touches on so much that I’ve been thinking about, whilst refusing to draw any easy conclusions. A long read, for mulling over. Refreshing to read amongst a sea of hot takes.”

Helen: Double Dagger

Double Dagger

“I came across this delight through my Stack subscription. It’s a beautiful broadsheet magazine that’s created entirely by letterpress from hot metal and wood type, and wood- or linocut illustrations. It’s a visual feast with fascinating articles exploring print through all kinds of unexpected perspectives. Yum.”

Clare: Unsatisfying


“Ending in a similar situation to where we started, this captivating and oh-so-true animation had me wincing with irritation and laughing in recognition at the same time. Very. Clever. Plus, it acted as inspiration (in look, not subject matter) for our beautiful promo animation for Strangers on a Train from the über-talents at Venn Creative.

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