Creative breakfast: Becky McDonald

Coffee, croissants and heaps of inspiration. Here's what went down at our first creative breakfast.

By: Amie Knights,   1 minute


From scaling cliff faces in Monaco to dipping sticks in urine, at our first creative breakfast we heard about the highs, lows and outright oddities of Becky McDonald’s life in set design. 

There were delivered-to-your-seat Espressini coffees. There were croissants. There were blueberries, muesli, yoghurt and tea. All this, and brilliant company. Add to that some invigorating chat from a talented lady and you have yourself quite a motivating pre-work combination.

Having spent the night before fitting our beautiful new window display (check it out above), Becky was still enthusiastic enough to have us all drooling after her job come 8.30am. Extravagant weddings in Monaco, lofty offices in London and Glastonbury Festival’s famous Shangri La area, Becky’s back catalogue of projects is epic. Our favourite by far wasn’t the wall of pencils, or even the extravagant sets for YouMeBumBumTrain (an immersive theatre company). It was the work she’d done for a local old people’s home.

After years crafting fleeting moments of opulence, either for people at festivals who’d inevitably had one too many, or folk with a lot of money to spend on parties, Becky decided to take her talents to the smaller places – where her craft would go that little bit further. Her work with an old people’s home marked one of the first of its kind for Becky. The residents of the home would spend most of their waking hours in the communal space without a great deal of stimulation. With that in mind, Becky concocted an event that combined ingenious design – crafting a cocktail bar – with fancy cocktails, whipped up by the guys from the Ethicurean. This added a whole new dimension to their space, lifting spirits and making a positive impact along the way.

So what’s the one thing we took away from this creative breakfast? On your way up, why not side step a little? Sidle into the small places once in a while and you may well make a bigger difference. Not a bad for a Tuesday morning, eh?






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