Curiosity calling


From Pandora’s Box to the curtain twitching of Neighbourhood Watch, it would seem us humans are a nosey breed. Whether it’s harmlessly overhearing a couple’s squabble at the bus stop or slowing your pace as you crane your neck to take in the view of an open-curtained window, we’ve all been guilty of a touch of old fashioned curiosity.

When Slanted Mansion, a website committed to casting a rarely seen eye into the homes of creative folk far and wide got in touch, I was more than happy to get involved.

Siobhan Frost, Slanted Mansion’s creator has travelled the world and stepped over the threshold of some of the most outlandish dens of intrigue you could dream of. Suitcases packed with matted hair, instruments made from kitchen utensils and a fair few fixie bikes, each object tells an intimate story about who lives there in a deeper way than words can suggest.

Our homes reveal our inner most personalities, they reflect what we do, how we live and the way we want to portray ourselves. I’m fascinated by the objects we choose to associate with; the possessions we keep that become steeped in memories. Each of Slanted Mansion’s visits reveal how an individual is really just the sum of their parts.

With invitations from artists, musicians and designers taken up everywhere from Sweden to Russia you’ve got to be slightly envious of what this lady’s eyes have been privy to.

For my Day 10 experience, Siobhan handed over one of her precious meetings for me to edit. This edition saw her journey to Israel to interview musicians Izabo, who told of living in a war torn country and the creativity that such adversity creates. Inspiring stuff.

Slanted Mansion

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