Design walking

What Falmouth's streets have to say about design and culture...

By: Clare Howdle,   1 minute

A couple of months ago, my step sister – who also happens to be a leading design blogger – got in touch with an idea. She wanted to do a series of ‘walks’ around creative hotspots; places in the world where design and culture had bubbled to the surface and was stimulating the community, in one way or another.

Each walk would be written by someone on the ground who could give the inside track on where they lived. And she wanted me to do Falmouth.

It seemed like a perfect way to Feed. Taking a look at my town from a fresh perspective, I would seek out the talented, the inspiring and the eye-catching and share what I found. It could lead me anywhere. So I wrapped up warm and struck out with my camera. Here’s the result:

Needless to say I met a lot of interesting people and saw a fair few things that set my imagination cogs whirring. Another Day 10 well spent…

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