Exciting opportunity for writers: Audiotor

Cheesewring: Photo by Paul Hughes

Photo by Paul Hughes

Audiotor is an innovative immersive listening experience that will be bringing Bodmin Moor to life like never before – and you could be part of it.

An innovative project which has been awarded funding from Arts Council England, it’s the work of creative producer Michael White in collaboration with Caradon Hill Area Heritage Project, Hall for Cornwall, Stranger Collective, The Works and University College Falmouth.

The first project will be launching in June 2013, turning a walk on Bodmin Moor into an unforgettable journey of original writing, original composition and recordings of both professional and community performers. Six chapters of powerful writing will create a cohesive, compelling story, which walkers can listen to via an Audiotor App on smartphones as they stride across the moor. GPS signals will trigger each chapter of the story as they walk, unleashing the voices of renowned actors, original music by award-winning composer Graham Fitkin and, of course, the very best words.

Which is where you could come in. Audiotor is looking for talented writers to join the team and help capture and write the stories that will shape this unique experience. Drawing from real stories and memories of the Bodmin Moor community, the creative narrative will form the backbone of the experience and will make each walk captivating, compelling, entertaining and memorable. You’ll be working alongside fellow writers, directors, technologists, composers, actors and the local community to make sure the stories pack the punch they need to.

>> Find out more about the project and how to apply by downloading the Writers’ Call PDF.
>> Read Clare Howdle’s Feed post about the project.

Deadline for applications: 9 November 2012

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