Film: How I Think

How I Think still

There’s something about pedalling. For me, it doesn’t just turn the wheels on my bike; it gets those cranial cogs turning too. I can sit at my desk, or stare at a notepad, for hours, trying to muster all my creative forces to generate a new idea… But if I get on my bike and tear out around the point; lose myself to the repetition of the pedals pushing up the hills; stare at the sea for a while, the ideas often seem to come thick and fast.

It’s hardly a revelation – I’m sure it’s scientifically proven that increased circulation, heart rate, oxygenation of the blood and blasts of fresh air fire the dull grey matter into life. I’m sure you could find an explanation on Google within a few seconds. But for me, that road around the point – freewheeling down between the trees and glimpses of sea before rolling out into the wide open space, big skies and briny horizons – is an important part of my creative process. I’ve almost come to rely on it; convinced I’ll find the answers if I can just get out to the point… Bright 6am blast or grainy grey evening, my clearest time is my pedal time.

So, keen to keep using my new-found video editing ‘skills’ after finishing my Colombia film, I decided to try to capture this headspace in a 90-second film. Shooting with one hand while holding the handlebars and pedalling was interesting. I got some funny looks. And some wobbly footage. The Day 10 I did it on was a grey one; but I’m glad. It’s not about seeing the sights in the best light (beautiful as Falmouth is) – it’s about how the outside stimulates new sights on the inside. Anyway, here it is, in all its amateur, wonky glory…

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