Firelight Postponed

Hi everyone,

We’re really sad to have to share this message, but unfortunately we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone tonight’s Firelight.

You may or may not have seen the weather warnings for tonight… the forecasting apps vary slightly, but whichever one you look at it’s essentially poor or hellish, heavy showers or constant downpour, strong winds or severe gales.

And while the inside of the Boatyard Café is really lovely, its shape means we’d all have to be crammed together down one end to be able to see and hear the speakers. Which isn’t the fresh air on the quayside, stories by the fire, in the dusk, with swans floating by etc that you signed up for.

Especially with the Covid factor in the mix – cases are still spiking in this area and we really want to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe, including Susie and her brilliant Boatyard Café team.

We’ve been so ridiculously lucky with the weather before, everything has felt so aligned. But this time it just feels like it’s not meant to be.

So we propose to move it to 9 or 16 September (new date to be confirmed asap when we’ve heard back from all the speakers).

Your tickets will still be valid for this new date. But obviously we’ll give you a full refund if you’re not able to come in September.

Thanks for your understanding, sorry to put a (very literal!) dampener on things but look forward to seeing you around the fire very soon.

Team Stranger X

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