At Stranger Collective we love to Feed. We do it every ten days (or taking a Day 10 as we call it). It's about keeping our thinking fresh by continually nourishing the parts of our brains that deliver those lightbulb moments so that we stay original, vibrant and ahead of the curve.

Check out how we've been Feeding lately...


Five pieces of branded content we love

When it comes to the slippery undefinable world of branded content, one thing always rings true. The stuff that gives something to the reader, whether that’s a good story, viewing experience, creative craftsmanship or example

One: This bizarre film, Eugene, directed by Steven Susser, for Intel and W Hotel Group.

Eugene from Spencer Susser on Vimeo.


Two: This immersive website,  Cocainenomics – a  Netflix and Wall Street Journal partnership exploring the stories and economic/ cultural background of Pablo Escobar and his cartel.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 14.46.51

Wall Street Journal

Three: This film staring the mute Brad Pitt for Belstaff.


Four: This well-written and thoughtful brand affiliated content on Lauren Laverne’s content channel, The Pool.


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