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March 21, 2019

Bookbinding Workshop with Juniper Bespoke

Come and play with paper on Thursday March 21, in our after-work book binding workshop with Emily Juniper.

“It’s a ritual, to open a book. It’s like you’re climbing inside.”

Join us for a bookbinding workshop with paper prodigy Emily Juniper, on March 21st at Stranger Collective Studio. 

The artist, designer, bookbinder and founder of Juniper Bespoke, who’s worked with the likes of Tim Key, will be coming to the studio to take us on a tour of the book as an object, and a stage. Learn to use a French linking stitch – a great way to get a sense of book construction – and leave with a multi-section, exposed-spine notebook made by your own fair hand.

Whether you’re a wordsmith or an artist; an ideas person or a stationery fiend, dip your toe into a new skill, ready to beautifully enfold your words, images, and ideas. Bring a curious mind and a careful hand. We’ll lay on the snacks, drinks, and all the equipment you’ll need.

Tickets £20 (£15 for League of Strangers members). The session kicks off at 4.30pm and will last for around two hours. 

Book your space here.