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July 9, 2022

Havoc Rules

An immersive interactive family story trail, Saturday 9 July, Falmouth, 11am–4pm

Riotous. Raucous. Outrageous. Havoc is running amok – but what does that really mean? Sometimes all it takes is to look at something differently to see its true possibilities.

What’s the story?

Havoc is a wild, untamed child with a big heart, on the run for causing ‘trouble’ – from making noise to causing a scene, or just being too curious.

Your task is to track her down by visiting Havoc hotspots around Falmouth, to discover what she’s been up to and bring her back in check. But beware her creative distractions and sparkling imagination!

Collect the official ‘Dossier of Havoc’ from locations around town, or head straight to The Chintz Bar in the Old Brewery Yard on Falmouth’s High Street and follow her scrawls up the steps to the secret Library of Order, hidden behind the bookcase, where it all begins…

This experiential trail is suitable for everyone aged 4+
Includes digital and audio elements, so bring a smartphone with WhatsApp or Telegram to make the most of the experience.

HAVOC RULES! is part of Falmouth International Arts Festival (FIA) – over 40 free and ticketed performances running across and around Falmouth 9 – 15 July 2022.