Happy new noun


Kaleidoscope, bazaar, shiver, kindle, smack, thunder – you might have noticed we’ve got a bit of a thing for collective nouns. And an aurora of polar bears has been one of our favourites for a while. So, to celebrate the new year and Stranger Collective’s birthday this month, we decided to add it to our pack and commissioned the talented Daisy-May Green (DMGillustration) to bring it to life for us.

Want to meet the new addition? Still holding on to the spirit of giving, we’ve decided to share our new year noun with you – so download your own aurora of polar bears and let them beam enthusiasm from your wall.

An Aurora of Enthusiasm(PDF – click on link to download free A4 poster)

An Aurora of Enthusiasm

If you fancy sending us a snap once you’ve got them up in your space, it’d be great to see them.

Cobras (quiver), moles (movement), pandas (embarrassment) or starfish (galaxy) – have you got a favourite collective noun? Tweet us @strangerfeed, we’d love to hear it.

Here’s to a bright 2015 for one and all.



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