Issue Five of Strike

From attic tales to rockpools, writerly epiphanies to ginspiring playlists, Strike Five is the phosphate strip for your creative match. So fire it up...

Playing in a treasure trove of someone else’s imagination, listening under the ice, watching cable in Lanzarote – this issue we’ve been exploring storytelling and the peculiar, radical and unexpected places it can find you and take you.

We explore the late Wildworks founder and theatremaker Bill Mitchell’s attic and discover the other artists it’s inspired, wander a beach with field recordist Chris Watson to learn where a love affair with sound can lead, find out about film’s appeal with Mark Jenkin, get out of our depth talking fiction with author Chris Power and sip a gin with Tinkture while listening to their playlist. A pretty tasty creative cake to tuck into, if we do say so ourselves.

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In this Issue

  • Author Chris Power on becoming a writer
  • Field recordist Chris Watson on the journey from Joy Division to Chernobyl and beyond
  • Photographer Martin Andersen on the surreality of dog shows
  • Director Mark Jenkin on the grain and shooting analogue
  • Inside an artist’s imagination: Bill Mitchell’s attic
  • Tinkture’s Hannah Lamiroy on music to make gin by
  • Plus Firelight insights, what to watch and read, and more…

Stories from this issue