December 2021

Issue Seven

From the sea’s endless volatility to stories wrought in solid steel; mesmerising underwater gardens to brutalist industrial landscapes, we’re shifting shapes and perspectives to immerse you in fresh thinking.

Is it really that time again? As we gallop headlong into the festive madness – with the spectre of a new Marvel-style villain by the name of Omicron gathering force – we escape to the realms of fire and water for solace, stories and inspiration.

Following sparks from the Firelight flames and oceanic currents from At First Light, Issue Seven sees us journey deeper into the black history of our islands with folk songwriter Angeline Morrison; swim against the tide of romantic ocean imagery in literature; forge enlightenment from hot metal with Sky Arts’ Landmark finalist Steve Anwar; discover how water makes us human with anthropologist Dr. Luci Attala; and dive through the shallows with botanical illustrator Sarah Jane Humphrey to take a closer look at the wonders of seaweed.

Be prepared for near-death experiences, nutritious cow poo and dancing yourself out of a rut along the way…

So step aside into the quiet, stoke the fire, pour yourself a glass and tuck into this latest serving of Strike-flavoured fortification.

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In this Issue

  • Angeline Morrison on breathing life into forgotten black stories through new folk songs
  • Landmark sculptor Steve Anwar on meditation, steel and giving words physical form
  • Conservation biologist Kaushiik Subramaniam and authors Georgie Codd, Tom Vowler and Ben Smith, on the problems of romanticising the ocean
  • Botanical illustrator Sarah Jane Humphrey on illuminating seaweed
  • Luci Attala on reimagining our relationship with water
  • Podcaster Octavia Bright on music that transports her
  • Authors and League of Strangers members on a sea-salt infused reading list


  • Hazel Beevers
  • Lauren Brogden
  • Paul Dicken
  • Helen Gilchrist
  • Clare Howdle
  • Steve Anwar
  • Sarah Jane Humphrey
  • Nick Pumphrey
  • Kaushiik Subramaniam

Stories from this issue