Issue Six of Strike

From foraged finds to forgotten cocktails, black storytelling to positive news, we're lighting a fire to lift our creative spirits for 2021. Come, watch the flames flicker...

What a year. 2020 was a tough 12 months for inspiration-seeking when for so many of us the order of the day was keeping our heads above water. But even though 2021 sees waves rising higher, we’re damned if we’ll be lost in the swim.

Here we are – back on dry land and lighting a fire of creative kindling sure to spark some hope.

Issue Six of Strike sees us wonder and wander in the world of foraging, discover from award-winning playwright Gareth Farr what it takes to keep theatre change-focused, find out from producer Tracey Scoffield what it was like working with Steve McQueen on groundbreaking television, and add a few of author Yara Rodrigues Fowler’s writing songs to our own playlist.

So step away from the part-whole models, ignore those fronted adverbials, shut off your email and join us in the warm glow of inspiring insights from creative likeminds for a while. It’s brought the feeling back to our fingers, for sure…

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In this Issue

  • Hamish Hamilton’s Hannah Chukwu and Small Axe producer Tracey Scoffield on bringing black storytelling to the fore
  • Playwright Gareth Farr on the power of not belonging
  • Positive News’ Pauline Milligan on changing the broadcast
  • Sravya Raju on foraging’s lost lexicon
  • Sergio Membrillas on full beam
  • Yara Rodrigues Fowler on music that drives her pen
  • Clare Tavernor shares some sonic heat
  • Plus what to read, drink, try and more…


  • Jon Denham
  • Paul Dicken
  • Helen Gilchrist
  • Clare Howdle
  • Sergio Membrillas
  • Sravya Raju
  • Clare Tavernor
  • Dave Waller
  • Atri Banerjee
  • Ed C
  • Koen Emmers
  • Gerald Kyd
  • Kieron McCarron
  • Sergio Membrillas
  • Nuff.
  • Raúl Pérez
  • Sravya Raju
  • Des Willie

Stories from this issue