Issue Three of Strike

This is Strike Three. But you're not out. Instead you're very much in the thick of it as we bring you some incendiary inspiration from all corners of our creative world, for your reading pleasure. Dive in and let the sparks fly.

This month we’ve mined our League of Strangers community, let our curiosity take us out and about, and come back with the latest batch of stories, insights and recommendations.

We find out if there’s anything behind the brand buzzword ‘purpose’, cross borders with cover artist Kovi Konowiecki and play lasers with Jenny Shipley. Trifle Gathering ‘twats around on diggers’ and Edward Bluemel cries on the tube. En route, we poke our noses into village halls and story-laden studios.

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In this Issue

  • Kyla Goodey and Sally Crooks get the band back together.
  • The New Cool: on brands with purpose.
  • Kovi Konowiecki’s tales from the borderlands.
  • From Killing Eve to loving Shania, Edward Bluemel’s listening notes.
  • What to listen to, read and see this spring


  • Jon Denham
  • Clare Howdle
  • Helen Gilchrist
  • Nicola Robey
  • Phyllida Bluemel

Stories from this issue