December 2018

Issue Two of Strike

Welcome to the second issue of Strike. Ready for your latest helping of positively incendiary inspiration? Fresh thinking, eye-opening insights and new avenues to explore (who knows where they may lead?) await...

We’ve mined our League of Strangers creative community and followed enticing threads to curious corners, to bring you this month’s batch of stories, insights and recommendations.

Writer director Hope Dickson Leach talks craft, caring and making change happen, photographer and this issue’s cover artist Lola Paprocka shoots a real canyon cowboy and Katie Tregidden upgrades our Christmas gift list. Along the way we write about writing, dive into virtual reality and pay a visit to the Tate…

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In this Issue

  • Writer director Hope Dickson Leach on the power of talking
  • Are pencils doomed? The evolution of how we write
  • Lola Paprocka’s celluloid cowboy (and our cover star)
  • Aardman’s cinematographer Dave Alex Riddett shares how music fuels his creative fire
  • What to watch, read and drink this month


  • Phyllida Bluemel
  • Jon Denham
  • Helen Gilchrist
  • Clare Howdle
  • Nicola Robey

Stories from this issue