Issue Four of Strike

Sharpen your reading eyes, it's Strike time. Issue Four is ready and waiting for you to take a slice. So step up, synapses at the ready – there's curiosity sparking inspiration in store...

With the League of Strangers community as our leaping off point we’ve set our imaginations flying this month, exploring a world of stories, insights and adventures from a fresh perspective.

We turn our hand to knifemaking, talk race cars and representation with director Amber Fares, find out how to best approach strangers from our cover artist Matthew Genitempo, kick back to tunes chosen by  environmental campaigner, film director and Patagonia ambassador Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, get a taste for hyperlocal publishing and awaken our fear of the singularity and other tech developments as we lose ourselves down a Youtube rabbit hole.

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In this Issue

  • Director Amber Fares on giving voice to the lesser heard
  • Crystal Thornburg-Homcy on her music to make to
  • Matthew Genitempo on shooting 4×5
  • Goonhilly gathering: the creative draw of spacey places
  • Sharp thinking: the craft of making a blade
  • How to be happy: musings on the meaning of contentment

Stories from this issue