Issue Eight

The food we eat and where it comes from; the roots that shape us and where they can lead; the waste we create and how to reinvent it; the identity battles playing out in the flora and fauna of the 'British' garden. This issue of Strike we're digging deep, with bold perspectives, new ideas and fresh imaginings from the roots, up.

Spring is well and truly in the air and it’s got us taking a deep breath and putting our best foot forward. Into the sunshine. With hope held close. Over the last few months we’ve been wrapped up in a world of growth, change and rejuvenation – discovering, hearing and capturing the stories for this issue of Strike.

Issue Eight sees us explore the myriad interpretations of ‘roots’ and where they lead; the truth and challenges knotted into the way we farm, eat and consume; the forgotten farmers working the land and the changes that have taken place over a decade of rural evolution; what our borders and bedding really say about the ‘British’ garden; and how to make more from our waste. With conversations about sustainable filmmaking, experiments in bitters making, and some inspiring reads and watches along the way.

It’s been an eye-opening journey for us as we’ve heard from a host of fascinating people who have sown the seeds of many new ideas…

So saddle up and join us on a journey into the new; a world where we can make a difference, where community counts, and where the stories we find – and the way we tell them – could change everything.

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Cover image: Claire Ratinon photographed by Christian Cassiel

In this Issue

  • New Dawn Traders, Soul Farm, Hodmedods, Wildfarmed and Kingsclere Estates on fixing our broken food and farming systems
  • Grower and author Claire Ratinon on decolonising the garden
  • Author Huma Qureshi on finding the extraordinary in the everyday
  • Dave Waller on an eclectic lineage of rockstars turned farmers
  • Filmmakers Lucy Jane and Joya Burrows on sustainable filmmaking and rethinking the hero’s journey
  • Photographer Oliver Udy on capturing the evolution of European rural life
  • Illustrator Rosanna Morris on the democracy of printmaking
  • Plus female farmers, trash turned alcoholic ‘treasure’, and DIY bitters…


  • Lucy Beckley
  • Hazel Beevers
  • Lauren Brogden
  • Paul Dicken
  • Helen Gilchrist
  • Clare Howdle
  • Ellie Russell
  • Dave Waller
  • Matt Austin
  • Christian Banfield
  • James Bannister
  • Amy Bullock
  • Christian Cassiel
  • Victoria Harrison
  • Rosanna Morris
  • Konstantinos Noulis
  • Toby Strong
  • Oliver Udy
  • Andy Wilson

Stories from this issue