It’s rude not to share…

New social networking site Cultshare opens its doors to users and opens a window on a whole new world of inspiration...

By: Clare Howdle,   2 minutes


“I was on a plane to Barcelona listening to The Vaccines thinking, god I love The Vaccines and wanting to tell my friends about it. But I was going away for a month and wouldn’t see anyone. I could have posted it on Facebook but didn’t want it to get lost. So it got me thinking.”

So starts the story of George Mackay and an inspired little idea she’s had about a social network with a difference.

Designed as a space to recommend to friends what you’re listening to, reading, watching and being inspired by, Cultshare is genius. “It’s a place where you can tell people about that great book you’ve just read or film you’ve seen, and find out what they’re doing too,” George continues. “You know those times when you want something to read or want to listen to new music but need some recommendations? Well that’s where Cultshare comes in.”

Logging on, it doesn’t take long to lose yourself. I had to get over the stage fright that comes when anyone asks you those brain freezing questions like, ‘what are you listening to at the moment?’ or, ‘what films do you like?’ and tell myself that no-one would judge me if I like House of Cards or Portlandia. In fact, they might not know about it, watch it and like it too. But once I’d posted one thing, I started thinking about all the other things I’ve read or watched recently that people might enjoy.

And then I couldn’t stop. I started reading other peoples’ posts. And listening to their music recommendations (Richard and Mimi Farina are currently trickling out of my speakers as I type) and noting down books I want to read ( Here and Now Letters 2008-2011: Paul Auster and JM Coetzee is next on the list).

It was a pure hit of cultural inspiration and it wasn’t from the review pages of the Guardian, or Spotify recommends. It was from other people just like me. And that felt good.

George doesn’t know what she wants Cultshare to become, or how it might evolve and grow next, but her enthusiasm for it is sure to take it places. “Imagine if musicians or film directors starting using Cultshare. Bob Dylan sharing what he’s been watching recently, or the Vaccines recommending bands they’ve been listening to. You could find out what your cultural icons are inspired by and see if it inspires you too. That would be awesome.”

Yes it would, George, yes it would.

If you fancy giving Cultshare a go, log on now, create your profile and get sharing –


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