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“The only way to get over your fear of the unknown is to plunge into the unknown”

Cinematographer Michael Goi on the Kodakery

Setting off in a new direction?

Internship, 22.5 hours a week, at living wage (£7.83 an hour)

August 2018 – January 2019

Alright. We’ll be honest up front. This is not a writer’s role. But…

We’re looking for a community manager and studio coordinator intern. You’ll be responsible for keeping the studio ship shape and keeping the Stranger community happy. You’ll get hands-on with our event planning, idea generating, newsletter shaping and social sharing as well as meeting, greeting and discovering more from all the interesting people that pass through our studio (and virtual) doors.

It’ll be fast paced, so we need a self-starter. It’ll be varied, so we need a juggler. And it’ll be synapse-firing, so we need someone who is endlessly curious, enthusiastic and ready to be inspired.

Time to begin something new?

Download the full job description, then send us your CV and a letter explaining why you’re right for the role, by 6 July. Interviews will be from 16 July and the internship will start from 30 July.

This internship is supported by Cultivator, a project funded by the European Social Fund, Arts Council England and Cornwall Council.






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