Listen to This: Book Off

Get inspiration for our upcoming book swap with Wyl Menmuir's podcast recommendation

By: Phyllida Bluemel,   1 minute

Heard our new podcast? After taking on the future of AI, next episode we’ll be chatting contentment with Wyl Menmuir – writer, lecturer and Booker-nominated author – along with a bunch of other knowledgable types.

To fill the podcast gap while you wait, Wyl recommends Book Off, hosted by Joe Haddow. Book Off sets up literary chats with a competitive edge, where writers and readers from Kit de Waal to John Cooper Clarke to David Tennant pitch their favourite reads against each other.

The conversation ends up rambling around art, culture and all sorts, before returning to reading at the end. Excellent recommendations and quippy conversations. As we make forays into the world of podcasting we’re adding it to our listening list. Plus, it’s an excellent chance to brush up on book chat before the return of Culture Club on the 28 March.



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