New Tricks: in Photos and on Film

The Annette is a 114-year-old former Danish fishing boat that now sails in search of marine pollution to take it on a new circular journey and keep it out of the natural environment. Joined by his two daughters, Paul Dicken boarded 'Annie', with the core Clean Ocean Sailing crew: Steve, Monika, Simon and Rosie.

By: Paul Dicken,   1 minute

Our walk through the woods, to a tranquil Tremayne Quay on the Lizard.

Once onboard, we try our hands at anchor raising, steering, and general seafaring.

Out into the Helford estuary, we dropped anchor near The Gew headland and prepared the kayaks.

Paddling recycled plastic kayaks across the Helford River

Once ashore, we go in search of a different type of treasure – ably assisted by Rosie.

It can be difficult and dirty work.

Now totally kayak-confident, we explore caves and sea before returning to Annie.

What becomes of the treasure? The sorting operation and the Odyssey Innovation kayaks.

Rosie's tricks

Fourth crew-member, Rosie, joined us on our adventure. Here she is showing why she’s such a valuable member of the Clean Ocean Sailing family…


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All diary images (unless credited): Paul Dicken and Clean Ocean Sailing
Video: Clean Ocean Sailing


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