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Pavement pedantry: everyday or every day?

Pavement Pedantry

Everyday English throws up challenges every day.

See what we did there? That’s right, today’s pedantry is about the confusion of everyday and every day. They sound the same, they look the same (except for one little space) but they are, in fact, very different.

Everyday is an adjective used to describe something that is commonplace, ordinary or normal. For example:

Donald Trump saying something that makes us shudder seems to be an everyday occurrence.

Whereas ‘every’ and ‘day’ are two words (well an adjective and a noun if we are going to be truly pedantic), that in combination simply mean each day, or daily. So…

On the upside, we’ve just got a record player in the office and we want to play it every day.

Got it? Good. Right we’re off to listen to our everyday dose of Northern Soul on the Dansette. It makes every day better.


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