Play this: OCO

This is single-finger smartphone gaming done with style...

By: Clare Howdle,   1 minute

Are you the sort that pulls out your smartphone for a little light relief when you’re waiting for a bus/in a coffee queue/anywhere that involves standing around for more than one minute? If so you’ll be familiar with single-finger bitesize offerings that are super simple to get into for a moment’s entertainment here and there.

Well that’s the camp Spectrum48‘s OCO falls into. A rhythm-based puzzle platformer where you control a bouncing ball around ever-changing circular patterns to punchy electronic beats. The difference here is that the game is just so super slick to look at. Restrained and stylish in equal measure, its music and aesthetic are just as addictive as its gameplay. Plus you don’t have to be embarrassed if someone looks over your shoulder while you’re waiting for your flat white. Candy Crush this ain’t.

With Pocketgamer claiming it ‘has everything going for it to be my new favourite game,’ App Store picking it as ‘game of the day’ on its release, Tech Radar lauding it as a ‘game of the week’ last month, not to mention the game snagging a finalist spot in the Google Play Indie Games Showcase 2019, there’s definitely something to be said for creating things that look beautiful, as well as work well. Which we all knew anyway, didn’t we?

Congratulations to friends of Stranger Collective Spectrum48 and design wizards Venn Creative (we don’t talk about them enough do we?) for the graphic design and UX.

Now go, play!

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