Read This: Bloom

From the laptops and notebooks of our League of Strangers, beautiful things are growing. Take a look at Bloom.

By: Phyllida Bluemel,   1 minute

League member Laura Nicolson is the editor of Bloom, a brand new gardening magazine that’s making us hanker for the outdoors.

“We saw a gap for something aspirational and practical,” says Nicholson, when we cornered her in the studio. “We wanted to create something that traversed the garden, the balcony, the windowsill, the house and the great outdoors. We want anyone with a love for plants and nature to find something for them — whether you’re a horticulturalist with an established garden, or a complete beginner with a growing collection of house plants.”

From vintage vegetables to the wonders of fungi, literary gardens to outdoor artworks; Bloom’s second issue is an invigorating read that’ll make you want to tend to that tired looking Swiss cheese plant immediately.

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