Return of the Essex Lion

Luke wright

The poetic roar of spoken word performer Luke Wright will bellow from the stage of Falmouth’s Poly once again on March 27, where his bountiful wit – and mane – will slip into the spotlight for his latest show, Essex Lion.

Between writing and performing for BBC Radio 4, and straight off the back of touring with the original punk poet John Cooper Clarke and enjoying packed out venues and rave reviews at the Edinburgh Festival year on year, we’re thrilled that Luke has found time to bring his “visceral, poignant and riotously funny” (The Scotsman) breed of poetry back to Falmouth, to which we say,  “About time. Good on ya-my-son.”

Here’s a guy who deals with the everyday; the scratchcard filled bins of greasy spoons and side alleys, the tabloid back pages and top shelves of contemporary Britain. Luke takes aim and lays siege to the red brick dwelling mindset of celebrity obsessions, the ideological absurdity of the coalition, and the general fecklessness of thought currently running amok through nation.

With the gifts of insight, grace, compassion and ever-inventive wordplay – not to mention a toolkit bursting with acerbic wit, tweezers, a magnifying glass and a scalpel – Luke has composed a visionary and often hilarious portrait of a not-so-great, yet undeniably quintessential Britain.

Get acquainted with Luke’s work and get your hands on tickets to see him now. 

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