Sober & Lonely: Creative Breakfast

Robyn Cook came in to talk telepathic dogs, bananas and moveable art institutes.

By: Phyllida Bluemel,   1 minute

June’s creative breakfast saw artist Robyn Cook from Sober & Lonely take the hallowed spot at the end of our breakfast table to tell us all about artistic collaboration, telepathic experimentation and a thriving contemporary art scene in South Africa.

What is Sober & Lonely? Robyn couldn’t really tell us, which is part of the Sober & Lonely USP, so we didn’t mind. An arts institute without a building, a running club, a butter churn, a side project, a community project; among these and other things it’s also ‘the greatest dating service in the world’ and a way of keeping in touch across multiple international borders. The result of years of collaboration between Robyn and best friend friend Lauren von Gogh, Sober & Lonely’s been based in a caravan, a vast building undergoing renovation, and online.

It’s a platform for experimentation, research and artistic silliness: from ‘failure conferences’ to psychic readings, from public art exhibitions to mystery tours and unusual dining experiences.

Via discussions on the role of art in communities, the beauty of having mad ideas and making them happen, and how exactly to go about running telepathically, we ultimately came away energised by Sober & Lonely’s endless experiments, initiatives and events – convinced that sometime’s it OK to not know exactly what it is that you do.

As long as you’re doing it.

Thanks Robyn!


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