Stranger Happenings present: Talk to me

Drinks, food, and pondering on the importance of the individual. It's time for our first Stranger Happening.

By: Caitlin,   2 minutes

Stranger Happenings: Talk to me

We know more about our customers than ever before. So why do we find it so hard to just talk to them? They haven’t become scary monsters and they certainly haven’t become mute.  But all too often they’re reduced to nothing more than numbers. So we think it’s high time to reach through the screen and shake the hand of the person behind the persona.

Breaking the mould

As the global society grows, so too does the tendency to categorise large groups of people. Does everyone born between 1980-2000 actually identify as a millennial? Do all women looking for a senior management job really want the same thing? Is every man sporting a beard automatically a hipster?

By focussing on the personas, we miss the personalities. The folk who buy products, recommend things to their friends, and have real conversations. The people who do the talking. Yes, they might identify with a certain tribe, but it doesn’t define them. So neither should we.

People are complicated. You can be a middle-aged weed smoking eco-evangelist and still have conservative views on taxes and immigration. You can be a young professional working in an office and living in a caravan. You can be an eighty-year-old woman and start every day by going for a surf.

We all break the mould in our own way. So in this world of increasingly embedded technology, we need to remember to be a bit more human.

Let’s make something happen

On 29 October we’ll be hosting a Stranger Happening in London, where we’ll explore the topic of the individual. Four carefully chosen speakers will discuss four specialist topics; design trends addressing billions of individual personalities, the art of creating a compelling protagonist journey, understanding the individual buyers behind e-commerce expansion, and how to cultivate human-to-human communication to build better businesses.

Held at the Body & Soul charity headquarters in Finsbury, the evening will include drinks, food, and the odd bit of Strangerness. You’ll have plenty of time to mingle, take part in some alternative networking and listen to top speakers doing what they do best.

There is more information about the night and the speakers here  and you can buy tickets for £10 here. All proceeds for the evening will be going to the charity Body and Soul.

If you’re coming let us know. A tweet would be great, or in the spirit of talking, why not give us a call?

Speak soon.

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