Stub it out – what we’ve learnt about World Tobacco Day

Why quitting really counts...

By: Clare Howdle,   1 minute

Next Friday, 31 May is World No Tobacco Day, 2013.  Set up by the World Health Organisation in 1987, the awareness day was designed to draw attention to the global tobacco epidemic, which currently leads to 5.4 million deaths a year.

We’ve been writing about the effects of tobacco for a client recently so it’s front of mind. The statistics we’ve encountered and the ramifications of the trading and usage of tobacco have been startling. But eye-opening too, is the encouraging work that’s being done by international organisations around the world to fight back, supporting individuals, communities and governments to make changes and make a difference.

This year’s Day focuses on banning tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. Of course, there wasn’t a World No Tobacco Day in Don Draper’s time. But if there was (and he wasn’t made up), we’re sure with that he would have been on board. As long as he got to do the campaign for it.

Find out more about World No Tobacco Day and how to get involved, then stub it out on Friday 31 May. It’ll do us all good…


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