Jon Denham

A creative producer and League of Strangers community manager, Jon has worked on various creative projects from exhibitions with international artists to content creation for brands.

Jon came to Stranger Collective in 2018 after working in the centre of East London’s creative hub with a vast array of makers and doers. Studying photojournalism, he brings a visual approach to telling stories to the Stranger team.

From working alongside a diverse selection of international artists, the likes of Ed Templeton, Paul Major and Lauren Boglio to name a few, as well as brands such as RVCA and size? through his gallery management experience at Huck and Little White Lies, he has built a strong understanding of what goes into a successful event.

Outside of his Stranger role, he continues to create his own artwork through photography and self-publishing, capturing the banality and the beauty of the everyday. He’s exhibited in various exhibitions across the UK.

Jon's Stories