Nicola Robey

Before joining Stranger Collective, Nicola wrote for the Telegraph, Jamie Magazine, Oh Comely and was a columnist for arts website, Ideastap. With an eye always honed in on social media trends, she was also content manager for the London-based social wishlist company Nuji, dreaming up strategies and writing eye-catching content for all of their channels.

As part of the team, Nicola spends her days crafting content with a kick, discovering what makes brands tick, conjuring up concepts to send our clients stratospheric or simply bringing a fresh perspective to our projects – from naming briefs to website copy.

When she’s not at her desk brewing up ideas for clients, Nicola can be found stoking her burning love for dark comedy, working on sitcom scripts with her writing brood. And of course, whenever there’s a spare chance, those exhibition walls are always beckoning.

Nicola's Stories