The Lit | Graduate Artist Call Out

The Lit is coming, and we want to collaborate with artists.

By: Phyllida Bluemel,   1 minute

‘The Lit’ is a new journal about writing and publishing in all its forms, brought to you by the people behind the soon to be revamped publishing and technology website, The Lit Platform.

Launching in October 2019, each issue will have a theme and for every drop of  journal, and we’d like to collaborate with an associate artist who – alongside our art directors – will have creative control over every image in the publication.

We want to work with artists in a way that embodies the spirit of the publication and the myriad approaches there are to telling stories in today’s world – thinking about text, object and image in a holistic and critically engaged way. (For an example of this kind of approach, see Five Dials)

Working within guidelines set by our art directors, we’d like you to interpret the theme over a series of images, in response to our series of features, in an authorial way. i.e. your artworks will sit alongside the images – not as decoration – but as another response to the theme, a visual essay.

We’re looking for a broad range of visual artists, for a new kind of digital magazine – where editorial and covers can feature not just illustration and photography, but also film, animation, or even digital experiments. As long as it can be placed into a webpage and load quickly, we can consider it.

With a selection of diverse articles and an overarching concept to play with, there are opportunities to explore visual narratives that weave throughout the magazine, or to be playful with codes and symbols; working innovatively within the digital context of the platform.

The lit platform is a collaborative project run on a voluntary basis, so we cannot offer an artist fee; but each graduate associate artist is entitled to three mentoring and portfolio sessions: with a local design agency, a London-based design agency, and a small press publisher.

Our first issue theme is “In praise of short attention spans”

If it’s captured your attention, and you’d like to be our first associate artist, please submit a 150 word and/or single image response to the theme, suggesting how you might begin to tackle it; with a link to your work.

Submissions to [email protected]

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