Brush up before you climb aboard

The wheels are in motion and the puns are rolling beyond control – Strangers on a Train is coming! Some reading and watching for the journey ahead...

By: Phyllida Bluemel,   2 minutes

The cat’s out of the bag, the wheels are in motion and the puns are rolling beyond control – Strangers on a Train is coming!

Our ‘mini thought festival’ on a 1930s stream train will bring together creative and thought-provoking speakers, platform-busking musicians and first-class performances with fire-stoking food and conversation-oiling cocktails…

So, before the train leaves the station on 3 November, make sure your mind’s all packed and ready for the journey with our comprehensive reading/ watching/ listening list. May it make you as giddy as we are in the office…

Annie Atkins telegram design

Graphic design and paper ephemera are practically characters of their own in Wes Anderson’s movies – which places Annie Atkins, virtuoso forger and lead graphic designer for Oscar-winning The Grand Budapest Hotel top of the star casting – somewhere near Bill Murray probably. Read about her work, envy her access to vintage stationary, and ogle the unbelievable skills on display with it’s nice that’s interview.

Spot Annie’s meticulous work, and see her handiwork handled by Hanks himself, in the Cold War thriller Bridge of Spies:


Simon Cohen’s done lots of great things, but backing the Jedi Knights census phenomenon in a global push for tolerance, is probably a good place to start… hear him talk about it here:



Our Strangers on a Train features no murder, that’s a guarantee. But why not get into the brooding cocktail-swigging Hitchcockian spirit of things by watching our event’s namesake?



And then forestall any nightmares by following it with Marilyn on a train in Some Like it Hot…



In line with Stranger’s ongoing collaborations with Kodak – expect to hear the whirr of motion picture film and the springing clicks of shutters over the sound of our train… prep by geeking out on celluloid and other delights by listening to all things analogue with the Kodakery podcast. And start trawling ebay for that film camera you’ve been meaning to try…



And finally, with us it all comes back to words – wrap yourself in mystery and curl up with this classic. Incidentally the film comes out on 3 November too.

(Again, we stress that there will be no murder at our event.)



And don’t forget – all travellers on our train must present tickets for inspection!




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