Welcome Nicola!

Back in July I stumbled upon an application for Stranger Collective’s internship programme. That same day Scratch, the beautiful Falmouth University alumni magazine produced by the very same company,  landed on my doorstep. It seemed like a sign. Now, thankfully, I sit here poised with excitement about what’s to come. My name’s Nicola and I was lucky enough to be chosen to work in their offices for the next two months.

After graduating from Falmouth in 2010 with a degree in English, I packed up my belongings and went to find my fortune in London. For the past two years I’ve been working as a freelance writer on a variety of titles ranging from Jamie Magazine to the Telegraph. Last year I felt that my career peaked when I was chosen as the weekly columnist for the young arts website Ideastap. This was the first time that I’d felt the thrill of earning a regular living from my creativity.

Now, back in Cornwall, I’m thankful that Stranger Collective has given me another chance to unleash words on people. I’m really looking forward to taking in everything they have to teach me, and making the most of learning from an innovative writing agency that has such a lust for the craft of beautiful words.

You’ll be hearing a bit more from me soon. I’m personally looking forward to taking my first Day 10.

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