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Content Under Pressure: how to boost productivity and create content fast

NEXT COURSE: 28 October (Falmouth)




Ready, steady, write. Content Under Pressure is about getting your team to shimmy well prepped and expertly seasoned content out the door faster. The content boom means impatient audiences and tough deadlines, but everything you send out still needs to be Michelin-worthy. Inspired by software development practices and the high-pressure world of professional kitchens, this course will give you all the ingredients to keep up with your content calendar and pack the punch your readers crave.

You’ll learn

  • Fast and efficient editorial project management
  • Mapping out the key ingredients needed for every project
  • How to combine speed and quality with better team working
  • Adaptive working methods, such as allowing for priorities and requirements to change
  • How to boost team dynamics and productivity
  • To relish deadlines rather than dreading them!


  • You’ll have a content project management plan to help you create a robust content cooker
  • You’ll have a go-to toolbox of techniques to help you finesse your editorial processes
  • You’ll improve your team dynamic and grow your team’s skillset
  • Our scalable model will equip you to deliver to deadline


7 hours


A one day face-to-face workshop. This course can also be customised for your team.

Recommended learning journey

Ideally this course would follow in from Content Cocktail, so you know you’re creating the right content before you get started.


If you have any questions about this course o the booking process, get in touch with Amie.