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Find Your Voice: how to harness your tone of voice to boost your brand

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Whitney, Bowie, 2Pac: iconic voices that strike the right note with their fans. Now it’s time for you to do the same. When it comes to your brand and how you communicate, there’s a lot to learn from the music industry. By delving into what makes your audience tick and laying down your personality, you’ll find your unique voice and discover how it plays out through your words.

You’ll learn

  • How tone of voice works and the power it can give your brand
  • What your brand says about you
  • About the role of ‘what you say and how you say it’
  • How to develop your verbal identity and how it plays out in your communications


  • Meet like minds who’ll share valuable insights and experiences
  • Get the clarity you need to explain the process and value of tone of voice to your team
  • Hear from industry experts about the power of tone of voice
  • Develop a verbal identity that’ll steer the tone for all your communications, whoever’s writing
  • Get a tailored training takeaway you’ll actually want to keep


7 hours


A one day face-to-face workshop.

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If you have a questions or you’d like to book on to this course, get in touch with Amie.