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Start Up, Write: how to write about your new business with confidence


A startup’s strength lies in its story. It’s how you reach investors, partners and audiences. And it’s what makes you different. Whether you’re pitching or publishing, this two day course will help you find your unique story, tell it well and craft a brand manifesto that’ll get you heard amid the noise of big brand voices.

You’ll learn

  • To take everything that’s swimming around your mind and pin down the essence of your story
  • To recognise the impact of tone of voice in existing brands
  • The brilliant basics that’ll make more of your words
  • To craft a manifesto that’ll get you heard 


  • A collaborative approach to finding your story, working with our experts and like-minded startups as a sounding board
  • Begin your journey into establishing your verbal identity
  • Come away with a manifesto that sounds distinctly ‘you’
  • Optional one-to-one editorial surgery with our writers
  • Build a word bank from the elements that make up your brand DNA


14 hours


Two one-day face-to-face workshops, delivered consecutively or within a week of each other.

Recommended learning journey

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If you want to book your place at an upcoming session, or if you’d like us to run this workshop for your team, get in touch with Amie.

"It was like all the stumbling around in my head had become something meaningful. I am learning to feel from my gut and listen to my instincts again."
Jake Denham, Unknown Epic