Our Work

Cedar Juice

Say hello to Toronto based, cold pressed juice company; CEDAR. When it comes to getting more of the good stuff, CEDAR knows exactly what’s what. By packing its juices full of organic fruit and veg, and heaps of delicious nutrients, it keeps your body’s goodness cravings at bay – so you’re free to live life, bigger, better, fuller.


As a startup in the burgeoning health food and detox industry, the company was looking for a full-scale brand identity which would set it apart from the competition. So, together with the design bods at Venn Creative, we set about concocting a pithy personality that felt uniquely CEDAR.

Besides being fresh, organic, unpasteurised and locally sourced, CEDAR is also about balancing nutritional expertise with simplicity, energy and humour. This is what fuelled our initial conversations, concept brainstorms and naming workshops. We teased out the essence of CEDAR, then focussed on unleashing its vitality into a tone of voice that felt authentic to the product and the people behind it. Just like CEDAR juices, its voice had to be about squeezing more out of every moment; no filters, no watering down. And a hearty helping of humour, of course.


Once we’d agreed on the right tone of voice, we set to work on CEDAR’s strapline: ‘Press. Play.‘ This mantra, balancing the science of CEDAR’s pressing process with their playful personality – also infuses their every word. Starting with the juice names, we went on to distil the CEDAR persona into its website content and product labels – injecting its personality into the tiniest of spaces.


For us, tone of voice isn’t a fix-all bank of words that we deliver like a dead drop and dash. Neither is delivering copy. Throughout the process, we were on hand to provide writing surgeries and content support. And as CEDAR’s website neared go-live, we were there to help with final edits and proofing checks to ensure a perfectly polished site that both looks and sounds CEDAR.

Venn Creative won ‘Best Brand’ at the 2015 Media Innovation Awards for their great work developing CEDAR’s visual identity. And we’re very proud to have created the supporting content.