Our Work

Henley Festival 2013

Design whizzes Cai and Kyn came to us with a challenge. Their new client Henley Festival needed to make a stronger connection with its target audience, stand out in the crowded festival market and boost ticket sales to its five-night, high-class, black tie event, which attracts an 85% AB social profile.


We knew how to help. By identifying the unique story at the heart of Henley Festival and telling it well, we could create a verbal identity and concept copy that would spark interest in even the most discerning of festivalgoers.

First, we got to know Henley, its visitors and its aspirations as an event. We read, researched, listened and wrote. A lot. We interviewed the team, gathered archive material and considered Henley’s core competitors. All these roads led to one point: what makes Henley Festival different and ensures it’s etched in the diaries and imaginations of those in the know, every year.


We used this point of difference to shape a set of potential origin stories for Henley, which we presented to the team to choose which one chimed the most. The next step was working up a tone of voice position and writing guide showing how to bring this idea to life through all of Henley’s words, before collaborating closely with Cai and Kyn to craft straplines, campaign copy and key website content.


Finally, we created writing samples and copy templates to enable the team to craft their own content and make sure their new tone of voice stays sharp, consistent and distinctly Henley. They used it to write the rest of their 2013 website copy, programme and promotional material, and shape their approach for 2014 and beyond.

So here’s to black ties. Sharp suits. Designer dresses. Champagne sipped on the banks of the Thames. And here’s to Henley Festival. Superlative is served.